2/100: So many dads!

I can hardly believe it, but this is Lucy's last week of kindergarten. As a Room Mom, I've been in the classroom a lot this year. A lot. With many other awesome moms and dads. But it's not been the norm to see THIS MANY dads in class- sitting on tiny chairs, no less! Made my heart happy.

They have some fun activities planned for this week, including the special event this morning. Today Lucy's teacher hosted a pre-Father's Day "Donuts for Dads" celebration. The kiddos escorted their dads to their seats, and fetched them donuts and orange juice, and visited with them for a while.

L was beyond excited that B would be going to class with her today. This picture, like their relationship, melts my heart. Looking at it, I can't tell who is happier or more proud.

Remind me to post about our Mother's Day Tea sometime. It was so special, and I was a bawling mess. We were informed that this is the only year when we can expect special celebrations like these in class. Apparently the seriousness gets turned up several notches starting in first grade. Oh man, I'm not ready!