43/100: Look Ma- no hands!

My girl. I'm so proud of her. Today was her first time in a rink, and just about her 5th time ever on skates. She insisted she wanted to try skating by herself, without my help, so we opted for one of those walker things.


She started out cautiously shuffling along, and despite falling many times, she never let it upset or stop her. She just got right back up and continued on her way. Little by little, she gained confidence and started to go faster, and even tested her own balance. I couldn't be more proud. Not because of her newly found skating abilities, but because of her spirit. She was fearless from the get go, had the drive to work hard, and took pride when she improved. It was such a wonderful thing to witness. I know I'm biased, but she's such a great kid. My heart is swollen. If that's even a thing.