6/100: Matching feet

Because when my girl asks, "Can you wear your Toms today? I want to be twins," I say yes. I also say yes when she asks, "Can you hold my hand?" and "Can we snuggle?" I know these days are probably numbered. She's growing up so fast.

This week I've been looking back at old picture (as I always do, especially around her birthday which is coming up). I noticed (and other people have also made the comment) that she looks and sounds different- her face is changing, as is her voice and the way she talks. Obviously, I know this is inevitable and happens little by little on a daily basis. But I don't always stop to notice it. I have been noticing it recently, though. And it's so bittersweet. I plan to continue to soak up and enjoy these moments, for as long as she's generous enough to share them with me.

I also thought this was an especially fitting thing to do on our first day of summer vacation, since we will be spending lots of time together for the next ten weeks. Twinning!