Writing thank you notes

L was so lucky to receive so many birthday gifts from family and friends. So now it's time to write some thank you notes. Instead of buying thank you cards from the store, or making her write out lengthy notes to each person, I found a printable template on Pinterest for fill-in-the-blank thank you notes. Fun! I printed and cut them out, and L got to work. She insisted on writing out each one by herself. I'm really proud of her!


The practice of writing thank you notes is important to me for a few reasons: 1) It reminds her to be thankful for the generosity that comes her way; 2) It's important to express that gratitude; and 3) Hopefully since we've been doing this for a couple years now (she went from drawing a picture to writing her name to writing out messages), this will become a habit she carries with her into the future. She is a very lucky girl, on many levels.