19/100: Good mail day!

L received a very fun package from her pen pal, Harper today. She loves all mail, but this package was super special. Along with H's letter, she included a couple of books that she likes (that L doesn't have yet- exciting!), and a couple little presents. To say she was excited would be a huge understatement.


L and H have never met, but have been exchanging letters (and drawings and little gifts) for about a year. H's mom and I are friends. We discovered that our girls were born within days of each other and are very similar in a lot of ways. We would talk about how great it would be if they could meet and hang out together, but alas, they live at opposite ends of the country. We hope to plan a meet up in the future, but until then we thought it would be fun for them to be pen pals. We were totally right! I'm loving this relationship. I hope they keep it up for many years to come!