Writing a letter

Like many kids her age, L loves receiving mail, and she also likes writing and sending mail. She has a penpal who is almost exactly her age to the day, who lives in Georgia, who she has been exchanging letters with for about a year, and she sometimes likes to send letters to her friends. I like to encourage this whenever I can, so I thought it would be a good activity for Thoughtful Thursday.

Today she wanted to write a letter to Ms. Beene, the awesome teacher's aide in her class this year, who she has been missing since school's been out. (Like, literally, since the moment the school gate closed on the last day of school, when she burst into tears as if she had been physically injured, saying, "I miss Ms. Beene!")


I think it's so sweet that she became so attached to her teachers this year. She looks up to her teacher and obviously also formed a special bond with Ms. Beene. It means a lot to me that these women have had such a strong impact on my little girl. She enjoys school and loves learning. This has been the case since preschool, but I'm sure also as a result of the wonderful teachers she's been lucky enough to have, who have influenced her.

Anyway, the letter was very sweet. Her heart makes my heart smile.