1/100: The silly joyfulness of being a kid

She was being so silly this morning as we lugged our groceries home. She was making us laugh, and cracking herself up, too. A friend recently observed on how she seems to do everything with joy, and I realized that's a pretty accurate statement. She is a happy kid a vast majority of the time. She loves to laugh. Recently, she's been prone to deep belly laughs, which become contagious.


It's easy for the little things (and also big things) in life to get us down. I never want to lose sight that the opposite can also hold true- that little things can also brighten even the dreariest of days. I'm so thankful to have this pint-sized, constant reminder to be happy and enjoy life.

Along those lines, I'm excited about summer! My friend Francesca initiated the idea to document the 100 Days of Summer, and I excitedly jumped on board. It's been a while since I've participated in a long-term photo challenge, but I'm looking forward to this summer and celebrating the events to come, so I'm up for the task. L only has four days of school left, and then we'll be left to our own devices, off to find some fun summer adventures!