Wishes for a daughter

Today I came across a note I wrote three years ago today. It was a list of wishes I have for L as she grows up. I could add more, because there are sooo many things I wish for her, but these still hold true.

  • be happy.
  • be strong.
  • know yourself. be confident in who you are.
  • have convictions. stand by them.
  • let your voice be heard.
  • don't be afraid to love.
  • don't be afraid to have your heart broken. it will mend.
  • know that you are special. and worthy. and loved.
  • don't let anyone make you feel less than who you are. those people don't know you.
  • remember that everything happens for a reason. if something doesn't work out, that means it wasn't meant to be. something better will come along. i promise.
  • don't settle.
  • be grateful. even in the worst of times. there is always something to be thankful for.
  • focus on the positive.
  • tell the people who you love and appreciate that you love and appreciate them.
  • be a good friend.
  • be your best self.
  • be kind.
  • dream.