Bringing Maker Monday Back

After getting our crafting on throughout the summer, we have been doing noticeably less of it since school started. First grade Common Core math homework, while admittedly a bit tricksy for this old mama, is no excuse for a decline in crafting. After all, crafting doesn't have to be elaborate or time-consuming. With just a little bit of effort, a lot of fun can be had. Time to step up my game and get back into the crafty swing of things!

I got the idea for today's project from a recent post about tissue paper lanterns at The Artful Parent. A beautifully simple idea with a big pay off. This is a really easy project anyone can do, with materials you likely have on hand.

I decided we ought to start small (literally), by opting to cover a tiny glass votive, as opposed to larger jars or vases. We started by cutting a piece of tissue paper (the kind you would use to stuff into gift boxes) large enough to cover the votive. L drew a simple Halloween motif of a jack-o-lantern and bats with sharpies, and then I helped to tape the paper around the outside of the votive and trimmed the excess paper off the top. We admired its cuteness as-is, then waited for it to get dark so that we could see what it looked like when illuminated.


We love the effect! And I think they would also look great with even more doodles. Thankfully, we have more votives to and no shortage of tissue paper (haha!) for more decorating. L was feeling a little tired this afternoon, so we just made the one, but we plan to make more before the end of the month!