About us

Who are we? We are Shannon and Lucy, a regular mom and daughter duo who like to do fun things together.

Why sprinkles? Because sprinkles are happy, special, and FUN! Let's face it- everyday life can be mundane, and even be downright rough at times. But I never want us to lose sight of the fact that we have a lot to be thankful for. Even during the rough days, there are moments to bask in and celebrate. This is what we are about here- the yummy sprinkles on the icing on the cupcake of life!

Our Story

How did we get here? I realized pretty early on that I'm happiest when I'm doing something creative with my hands. I've enjoyed coloring, drawing, writing, painting, sewing, stitching, baking, cooking, knitting, taking photos, and partaking in other various types of crafts for as long as I can remember- when I was around Lucy's age. I became a maker. It seemed only natural to me to share these same interests with Lucy. To my delight, she enjoys them as much as I do.

What are we doing here? We've been crafting, baking, and having fun times together since she was old enough to hold a crayon and a wooden spoon. She's still only 5 (almost 6 *sniff*), but she is already reminding me so much of myself when I was her age. She's never met a crafty project she hasn't liked. And if she isn't off drawing or painting on her own, she is asking me to bake something or do a project together. Therefore, when the idea sparked for me to start a blog, it made perfect sense that we do a "blog project" together. I'm hoping this will be fun for both of us, and also a place for us to continue to share and connect well into the future. And if we can avoid those miserable teenage years when she is bound to hate me, that would be a bonus. Extra sprinkles, if you will!

Our favorite sprinkles

Shannon: Elephants, the color green, all berries, potato chips, ramen, doughnuts, peonies, Thanksgiving, Dakota, naps, knitting, baking cookies, and snuggles.

Lucy: Dolphins, purple and pink, carrots, all fruits, trail mix, pretzels, ice cream sundaes, forget-me-nots, Christmas,  Ellie, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, reading, baking "everything we bake together," and snuggles.